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Set up in 2012, GreenDrinks.org, Ohio, USA is dedicated to providing correct information about as many superfood and green drink products as possible and schooling consumers on the ways to buy superfood and green drinks.
The company is in simple terms the ultimate buyer’s guide to superfood and green drinks.




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What Our Clients Say

  • Well, Athletic Greens passes asa superb product. The number of ingredients, the quality of these ingredients as well as the digestive enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants are impressive. It is a choice green drink, from a pure health-benefit standpoint. And in addition, it has a great taste.

    Michael Rick

  • As earlier said, honestly speaking, it is a little expensive at $97 for a supply lasting 30 days due to the fact that you get value for your money. When you join the loyalty scheme, the price drops to $77 a month.

    Andria Paul

  • There are many folks who completely swear by this product. On Amazon alone, there are reviews in excess of 600! And it is understandable, Athletic Greens is a product of high quality and has a very good taste.

    Winsten Carl